I hadn’t had sex in 7 years and when I did the first time I had a small amount of blood. The second time a week later, there was a lot of blood evidently during and after, but tapered to nothing the next day. I am worried about this. Could u please answer? Thank you.


There can be any number of reasons why you are experiencing vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

You don’t say how old you are, but if you are menopausal and haven’t had intercourse or vaginal penetration for 7 years it could simply be a matter of vaginal tissues becoming thin and dry and easily damaged (especially if intercourse is vigorous and prolonged). Make sure you are very well-lubricated for intercourse. There are many good quality organic lubricants available to add to your own body’s natural lubricant, I suggest brands like Pink Silicone, JO Women, Capotain’s, Hathor.

Also, if you haven’t been doing them, start doing PC squeezes (Kegel) exercises every day, no matter what your age. They help keep vaginal muscles and tissues supple and strong. See below for instructions, in case you aren’t sure how to do them.

You might also want to start using a vaginal exerciser. These are objects such as egg-shapes, wand shapes that are inserted into the vagina and used to help your vagina stay strong and healthy and used to penetration (or become so). To give you an idea, you can see a selection of these at this great women’s shop Good For Her.

Besides lack of use and/or aging, you could have other physical causes for the bleeding, such as polyps. I’d suggest you see a doctor for a gynecological exam right away.

I wish you all the best and hope you’re enjoying your rediscovered sexual life. There’s an article we’ve written about women and orgasm that might interest you   as well as an ebook on the same subject

The PC Pump

The pelvic floor muscles surround the anus, genitals, and urethra and provide support for the reproductive organs.

The PC or pubococcygeous muscle (pronounced pew-bo-cox-e-g-us) is part of this muscle group. At first when you are practicing the PC Pump you may involuntarily contract the abdominal muscles and the anus, too, because you are unable to differentiate between the muscles. But with practice you can detect and isolate the PC muscle while allowing other muscles to stay relaxed. You will be able to isolate and move the many different muscles within your entire genital area.   Keeping all the muscles surrounding your internal organs toned and tight helps prevent fallen organs. It helps relax you. Practicing it while making love it will greatly heighten sensation for both you and your partner.


  1. Inhale, contracting the PC muscle, keeping the rest of your body relaxed, especially your shoulders.
  2. As you hold your breath, relax and then tighten the PC muscle in quick, short pulsations.
  3. Exhale and relax the PC muscle.
  4. Repeat for several minutes using your natural rhythm of breathing, so that you get a feeling that your muscles are fluttering. Do this 25-30 times a day and work up to 200 per day.
  5. Tighten the PC muscle as you inhale and hold for the count of six seconds.
  6. Exhale, relax the PC muscle and gently bear down.
  7. Repeat this sequence for several minutes.
    The Elevator:
    This exercise includes more of the muscles in the whole muscle group.
  8. While sitting or lying on your back, take a deep breath and pretend you are riding an elevator.
  9. Start in at the bottom floor with an anal contraction, move forward along the muscles, tightening up individual  muscles until you reach the «top» floor.
  10. Then gradually relax the muscles, «floor by floor», until you return to the bottom floor.
  11. Repeat this trip 6 times, 3 times a day.

As with any exercise we need to develop a regular habit of giving our PC muscles a work-out. So to begin with, consciously set aside a time of day to do these: in the morning as you shower, on the bus as you travel to school or work, as part of your regular exercise routine (if you have one). Soon it will be something you’ll automatically begin to do anytime. You can do these anywhere and no one can tell!

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